Types of bonuses and how to use them

Bonuses are an integral part of any online casino. They help to attract new customers and keep those who have already registered. And the players themselves give additional chances to win.

Today, in each online casino you can see the section “bonuses and promotions”. Incentive systems are different, and a particular institution develops them for itself. But they all serve the same purpose-to save and multiply the number of registered users.

Thanks to the online casino bonus, players get the opportunity to make new bets for free, to spin the reel of their favorite slot machine. The bonuses can also include the so-called cashback, that is, the return of the lost amount, and the loyalty system, when regular customers receive certain preferences, whether it is lottery tickets or an additional amount to the next Deposit.

But there are certain pitfalls that players need to know about. For example, you can not get “gift” money, immediately withdraw them from the account and assume that you are the smartest. There are rules for wagering, and they are quite complicated. This, as well as what are the compliments in the online casino, we will tell you in this article.

There are a lot of different bonuses:

  • welcome bonus;
  • deposit bonus;
  • free spins on slots;
  • regular bonuses and holiday rewards;
  • cashback;
  • loyalty program;
  • bonus points accrual;
  • lotteries and lotteries.

Some online establishments are also ready to reward players if they bring new customers or, for example, use a certain payment system to Deposit funds. The more tempting offers, the more profitable the casino looks in the eyes of users.

Now let’s talk about them in more detail.

Welcome bonus

This can be called the basis of any bonus policy. Each new client can get additional money to the account. There are two systems of their accrual – no Deposit and with a Deposit.

In the first – the client automatically receives some amount only for the fact that he passed the registration procedure. As a rule, we are talking about small money 10-30 dollars. But the player can immediately try their hand and experience the Fortune, without risking anything.

But even more profitable welcome bonus with a Deposit, as its size is much larger. Many online casinos offer to double or even triple the very first Deposit on the account. Moreover, the amount can reach 200-300 dollars. That is transferred to a Deposit after registration of $ 200, and received as a gift the same amount.

Also, in addition to money, beginners can be awarded free spins in slot machines. This is also a good opportunity to test your luck without risking your own funds.

Deposit bonus

This kind of bonus is for regular customers. Although the essence is the same – made money into the account, got a little more. Such a proposal as “re-Deposit” is very common, that is, it applies to the second operation after registration. Also, many online casinos periodically hold similar promotions, for example,”this week +50% to Deposit”. This means that by making $ 100, you can play for 150. The amount of such promotion each institution sets its own, as a rule, it is within 10-100 percent.

Regular bonuses

The bonuses that the casino holds on a regular basis. It can be weekly or monthly promotions. There are even so-called”happy hours”. And often everything is also tied to the replenishment of the account, that is, made a certain amount – received a percentage of it, free spins, additional bonus points or tickets for the draw. Also, many institutions try to make gifts for the holidays to the players. The simplest example is some amount for a birthday.


Some casinos want to support customers who have been turned away by fortune. And return to their account a percentage of the lost money. As a rule, it is small – 5-10%. But this is one way to keep users from leaving the place. Cashback works automatically and is activated once a week or once a month, summing up the amount of losses.

Bonus points and loyalty system

Large casino practice the loyalty system. They are that all customers have different statuses and raise them through new rates. That is, the more you play, the faster you go to the next level. They are usually denoted by precious metals-bronze, silver, gold, platinum, etc.and depending on the status of users can count on more favorable preferences, for example, increasing the percentage of cashback.

Draws and lotteries

During the lottery, the casino, besides money you can play and the prizes, for example, household appliances, car and tourist trip. Tickets, as already mentioned, users receive as a result of replenishment of the account or the results of bets.

But some places creative approach to this issue and arrange real quests for players. For example, daily tasks are given – to make 100 spins on slots, 10 bets on blackjack, to collect a certain combination in poker and so on. Accordingly,for each performance is a prize. Such bonuses make your stay at the casino more fun.

How to play bonuses

But do not think that the casino is ready to give money for nothing. Bonuses can not be received and immediately cashed. They’ll have to play. There is such a thing as “wager”. This is the ratio between the size of the bonus and the amount you need to play that withdraw “gift” money. For example, you got $ 100 and the wager is 30. That is, you need to make a total bet on $ 3000 to the bonus cashed. This is not so easy, but it is possible. To do this, many professionals advise to use or your favorite card games, or slots with a lot of winning combinations.

Due to these rules, casinos on the one hand force users to play more, and on the other – protect themselves from fraud.

A system of bonus points is that for each bet the client receives a certain number of points. After accumulating, they can be exchanged for money, lottery tickets, free spins and so on.
In addition to money (or instead of it), the Deposit bonus can be promoted by lottery tickets if the casino is going to hold a draw soon, or by free spins on the slots.