The Nutcracker: Once Upon a Time in Greenville

The Peace Center
December 22nd, Friday at 7:00pm
December 23rd, Saturday at 2:30pm & 7:00pm

Carolina Ballet Theatre proudly presents The Nutcracker: Once Upon A Time in Greenville– a European inspired production that brings all of Clara’s adventures and excitement home to Greenville. Continuing our reinvented holiday classic, the production highlights Victorian societal expectations and prosperity while Clara and her beloved Nutcracker dance their way through the cherished landmarks and stunning scenery of Greenville and into the hearts of the audience.

The libretto is adapted from E.T. A. Hoffmann’s classic story, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. Choreographed by Herman Justo, the refreshed ballet is based on the original Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov ballet.

On opening night, Carolina Ballet Theatre has the distinct privilege to host guest artists from internationally renowned ballet companies – Herman Cornejo, Principal at American Ballet Theater and his sister, Erica Cornejo, Principal at Boston Ballet. All 3 performances are brought to life by a 100+ person cast including CBT Company dancers: Laura Mortimer, Meghan Loman, and Martin Justo-Bernardez, along with Matt Harvey, Madeline Jazz Harvey, Peter Base, Francesca Genovese and Lance Hardin.

Additionally, this year CBT has partnered with SC Football Hall of Fame to bring surprise celebrity athletes to the stage, showcasing how athleticism spans from field to stage. Perhaps the sweetest treat for all will be The Meyer Center for Special Children students dancing side by side with our professional dancers.



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The Nutcracker Playbill Ad Opportunities

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Cast Registration

Nutcracker Cast Registration

Nutcracker Cast Click Here to Register

Cast List

2017 Cast List

Dancer Name Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Ted Adams Party Boy
Maggie Aiesi Chinese Umbrella
Gianna Andrews Lullaby Girl
Elizabeth Armaly Chinese Umbrella
Lauren Armaly Little Angel
Madelyn Baltz Battle Mouse
Claire Barnes Snow Waltz
Emma Caroline Belvin Politician Wife Snow Spanish Lead
Holland Belvin Tails on Trail
Benthe Biesheuvel LaLa Tails on Trail
Clara Blaine Blackmore Battle Mouse
Chloe Boroff Snow Spanish Demi Soloist
Christyiana Boyd Lullaby Girl
Penny Boyle Bird Act I
Ella Brashier Toy Arabian
Bailey Brewer Chinese Ribbon
Nora Brown Battle Mouse
Nina Brown Chinese Lantern
Rivers Cabaniss Battle Soldier
Serene Carmack Mice on Main
Weathers Cheves Bird Act I
Rylee Cook Battle Soldier
Harper Crow Battle Soldier
John Currie Fritz Blue Tails on Trail
Harper Claire Davis Bird Act II
Karyston Graye Davis Bird Act II
Adelaide de Brux Battle Mouse
Abby Rose Dillard Chinese Umbrella
Naima Dingledine Toy Chinese
Rae Dixon Chinese Lantern
Katie Donlin Ballerina Doll Arabian Maiden
Piper Dunn Little Ballerina Doll
Macy Dunn Star
Jasmine Dunning Chinese Lantern
KaylaNora Edwards Battle Mouse
Ella Emery Party Girl
Mae Eubank Ballerina Doll Arabian Maiden Understudy Clara BFF
Olivia Fogle Big Angel Ballerina Doll Understudy
Claire Foster Toy Bunny Tails on Trail
Lucina Frank Snow Waltz
Ansley Franklin Clara BFF Candy Understudy Snow
Maya Galberth Battle Soldier
Mary Galemmo Maid Snow Mice on Main Lead Waltz
Claire George Battle Mouse
Kate George Battle Soldier
Reagan Gibson Bird Act I
Riley Gleaton Soldier Captain
Hill Glenn Lullaby Girl
Sarah Gonzales Maid Snow Waltz
Kathryn Green Clara 2 Snow
Evers Greene-McJunkin Big Angel
Eve Grunenwald Party Girl Understudy Little Ballerina Doll
Evy Hansz Chinese Umbrella
Ella Hardaway Battle Soldier
Ella Kate Hardy Bird Act II
Ava Grace Hart Party Girl Understudy Little Ballerina Doll
Hayden Hickman Snow Waltz
Violet Hix Mice on Main
Sydney Hoffert Maid
Emerson Horvath Chinese Umbrella
Reagan Howlett Mice on Main
Ella Ivester Clara BFF Candy Understudy Waltz
Sullivan Ivey Party Girl
Julia Jackson Ballerina Doll Arabian Maiden Understudy Snow
Chloe Jones Chinese Umbrella
Sofia Justo Dr.’s Wife Snow Princess Waltz
Catherine King Lullaby Girl
Sofia Kurzawa Chinese Ribbon
Clara Lanning Tails on Trails
Marissa Larocque Big Angel
Jenna Larocque Chinese Umbrella
Andrew Larocque Party Boy
Aimee Grace LaRue Snow Princess All Shows Bridesmaid Sat Shows
Camila Lopez Jordan Battle Soldier
Charlotte Magg Battle Mouse
Caroline Magg Party Girl
Sadie Mattice Battle Soldier
McCrae Mattice Mice on Main
Sarah Meade Battle Soldier
Vivian Mercurio Little Angel
Campbell Miller Battle Mouse
Abigail Mills Big Angel
Sarah Moniot Battle Soldier
Claire Moore Mice on Main
Miller Morris Toy Spanish
Olivia Mozie Snow Bridesmaid
Lillian Mozie Tails on Trails
Bennett Murphy Battle Mouse
Rorie Oates Battle Soldier
Carson Oates Party Boy Mice on Main
Natalie Oyer Soldier Captain
Anna Louise Panhorst Chinese Lantern
Stella Jane Peace Chinese Umbrella
Abigail Peters Soldier Captain
Allison Phelps Ballerina Doll Arabian Maiden
Avery Phelps Clara BFF Candy
Kate Powell Battle Mouse
Jonimarie Purtle Clara 1 Understudy Candy
Elle Ragsdale Battle Mouse
Carter Adair Rector Bird Act II
Elizabeth Register Little Angel
Ella Wallace Renfrow Mice on Main
Lila Reynolds Lullaby Girl
Sarah Richards Lullaby Girl
Reagan Rigdon Toy Candy
Ashton Rivera Clara BFF Candy Understudy- Clara 1
Lillian Rogers Battle Soldier
Grace Schwebach Battle Soldier
Ava Segrest Toy Spanish
Alina Shaner Snow Spanish Demi Soloist
Rylie Shaw Big Angel
Claire Shirley Party Girl
Ava Singh Chinese Ribbon
Emma Gray Smith Toy Candy
Mills Smoak Battle Mouse
Ella Stevens Big Angel
Julianne Stone Battle Mouse
Sarah Catherine Sullivan Big Angel
Sundari Surratt Little Angel
Ellis Terry Little Angel
Caroline Thomasson Battle Soldier
Millie Thompson Chinese Ribbon
Stella Tollison Battle Mouse
Mallie Tomlinson Bird Act I
Colette Trocha Soldier Captain
Hannah Underwood Maid Snow Waltz
Zoey Walker Battle Mouse
Nora Walker Battle Mouse
Sadie Walker Battle Soldier
Caroline Walker Lullaby Girl
Cate Wells Tails on Trails
Hadley Wingate Battle Soldier
Annelise Woolley Candy
Abigail Woolley Snow Waltz
Amelia Young Lullaby Girl
Caroline Young Tails on Trail

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