Jungle Book Ballet

Gunter Theatre
March 4th, Saturday at 1:30pm & 5:30pm

Carolina Ballet Theatre presents, the Jungle Book Ballet, choreographed and directed by Hernan Justo. This classic tale, based on the short story collection by Rudyard Kipling is given a new and innovative twist, all with Greenville flair.

Families, children, and art patrons alike won’t want to miss this mythical ballet. Discover the journey of Mowgli, a young boy abandoned in the jungles of India only to be discovered by a panther and raised by a pack of wolves.

The ballet follows Mowgli as he grows and sets out on an adventure to the human village, acting as an ambassador for the animals in an attempt to keep the peace between their worlds. On his mission, Mowgli will encounter classic characters like Baloo the Bear and Kaa the Snake. But, this unique retelling features the thematic tales of love and forgiveness, all while narrated by local and nationally acclaimed singer and performer, Delvin Choice.

Much like the animated film, Mowgli encounters the beautiful human girl, Shanti and is instantly smitten. From here on out, Mowgli’s life will change forever. Many years will pass, but Mowgli will never forget his first love. Eventually, he will be called upon to protect his animal family and the jungle he loves by facing off with Shanti’s father and brother who set out to mine gems from a temple controlled by monkey’s. Mowgli, now a man, will be called upon to save his home and make peace between the animal kingdom and the human realm. This mythical ballet transcends the imagination and creates a world of courage, adventure and ultimately, love.

Follow along with this animated and lively tale, featuring professional, guest dancers Anthony Schweighardt from Charlotte ballet, John Aaron Brewer from Louisville Ballet, and Mary Kate Reynolds from Delaware ballet. This is a production you won’t want to miss. Ballet, storytelling, and song comes to life on stage this spring. The performance will take place at the Gunter Theatre on March 4th with show times at 1:30 and 5:30. Get ready to watch the jungles of India come to life!


All performances will be held in the Gunter Theatre. Also presenting guest artists, Delvin Choice.

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Carolina Ballet Theatre presents, the Jungle Book Ballet, choreographed and directed by Hernan Justo. This classic tale, based on the short story collection by Rudyard Kipling is given a new and innovative twist, all with Greenville flair.


Cast Information

Dancer’s Name (First) Dancer’s Name (Last) Part
Maggie Aiesi Butterfly
Elizabeth Armaly Fire Fly
Simone Austin Zürafa – (Giraffe)
Ava Clare Ball Flower
Molly Kate Bannister Water
Claire Barnes Shanti court
Holland Belvin Lali  (Baby Wolf)
Emma Caroline Belvin Shanti Friend
Benthe Biesheuvel Flower
Chloe Boroff Banderlog (Monkey)
Bailey Brewer Fire
Nina Brown Water
Ella Day Bumble Bee
Abby Rose Dillard Flower
Rae Dixon Water
Katie Donlin Water
Piper Dunn Darzi – (Red bird)
Macy Dunn Banderlog (Monkey)
Jasmine Dunning Water
Haven Ebel Jungle Vine
Ella Emery Flower
Sofia Entrekin Fire
Ella Etheridge Water
Mae Eubank Fire
Olivia Fogle Fire
Claire Foster Fire Fly
Lucina Frank Banderlog (Monkey)
Ansley Franklin Shanti court
Mary Galemmo Bagheera (Panther)
Riley Gleaton Jungle Vine
Kathryn Green Banderlog (Monkey)
Evers Greene-McJunkin Butterfly
Eve Grunenwald Fire Fly
Evy Hansz Fire Fly
Mathew Harvey Fire Couple – Professional
Madeline Jazz Harvey Fire Couple – Professional
Joanna Henn Banderlog (Monkey)
Abby Hensley Fire
Hayden Hickman Banderlog (Monkey)
Claire Hogan Flower
Emerson Horvath Fire Fly
Emily Ivester Flower
Ella Ivester Shanti court
Sullivan Ivey Butterfly
Chloe Jones Flower
Eveleigh Jones Bala (Baby Wolf)
Nico Justo Mowgli older child
Sofia Justo Shanti Friend
Elizabeth Kaiser Bumble Bee
Sofie Kurzawa Jungle Vine
Clara Lanning Water
Aimee grace LaRue Shanti Friend
Meghan Loman Masha (Monkey Queen) – Professional
Isabella Ludkowski Bumble Bee
Caroline Magg Bumble Bee
Robyn Maggio Baloo (Bear) – DAG Instructor
McCrae Mattice Fire Fly
Isabelle McDaniel Banderlog (Monkey)
Sarah Meade Bumble Bee
Laura Mortimer Shanti Young Woman – professional
Lillian Mozie Pavo (Peacock)
Olivia Mozie Shanti Friend
Caleigh Noonan Shanti court
Carson Oates Mowgli younger Child
Natalie Oyer Jungle Vine
Stella Peace Fire Fly
Marshall Peace Villager
Abby Peters Jungle Vine
Allison Phelps Shanti court
Avery Phelps Shanti court
Kate Powell Fire Fly
Jonimarie Purtle Shanti Older Child
Ella Wallace Renfrow Bumble Bee
Mary Kate Reynolds Kaa (Snake) – Professional
Ashton Rivera Shanti court
Lillian Rogers Bumble Bee
Erin Rutherford Shanti court
Alina Shaner Banderlog (Monkey)
Rylie Shaw Water
Mira Anne Shirley Fire Fly
Claire Shirley Flower
Ava Singh Jungle Vine
Sarah Catherine Sullivan Fire
Caroline Thomasson Bumble Bee
Millie Thompson Fire
Cate Wells Butterfly
Hannah White Banderlog (Monkey)
Hadley Wingate Bumble Bee
Aislinn Wolfe Fire Fly
Caroline Young Lahini (Baby Wolf)
TBA Raksha (Wolf)
TBA Mowgli Young Man – professional
TBA Water Jewel
Casting is done by a human so there maybe errors.  If you child applied online and you do not see them on the list, please contact Carolina Ballet Theatre’s Ballet Mistress, Anita Pacylowski at apacy@carolinaballet.org
Also, as in any new creation, changes may occur, please be aware that your child’s part may change according to the artistic directors needs.


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