Two SJCS students, eighth-grader Piper Dunn, and junior Lucina Frank, will be performing in the Carolina Ballet Theatre’s presentation of “The Nutcracker: Once Upon A Time in Greenville” at the Peace Center Dec. 13 and 14.

“The Nutcracker: Once Upon A Time in Greenville” is a European-inspired production that brings all of Clara’s adventures and excitement home to Greenville. Continuing the reinvented holiday classic, the production highlights Victorian societal expectations and prosperity, while Clara and her beloved Nutcracker dance their way through the cherished landmarks and stunning scenery of Greenville and into the hearts of the audience.

Piper is playing the younger version of Clara in both of Friday’s performances. Lucina is playing the older version of Clara in all four performances. Good luck to both Piper and Lucina!

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New York Times | Herman Cornejo: A Ballet Hero’s Milestone

“Yo, Herman,” Twyla Tharp calls out across a large, crowded studio. Rehearsal is about to begin, and dancers are milling around, chatting and stretching. But not Herman Cornejo. He’s in a corner, sketching out small movements as he runs through a sequence of steps in his mind. Seeing him lost in thought, Ms. Tharp walks over, placing a hand on his shoulder. The two confer quietly, like confidants.

Mr. Cornejo has a way of being in a group but not quite part of it, an island of intensity amid the tumult. And that quality of quiet absorption translates onto the stage too; he can elevate an entire ballet with his focus and polished bravura. And yet he never gives the impression of wanting to steal the show. Precision, control and a soaring, exhilarating jump that leaves your heart in your throat — they all become something greater: the suggestion of a state of mind. Without the usual fanfare that attends stars, he has become one of the most admired male dancers of his generation.

“When I was 20,” he said, “it was all about the dancing, but now it’s about interpreting something onstage. The technique is there.”

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Carolina Ballet Theatre Announces 2018-19 Season

The 46th year of The Carolina Ballet Theatre will feature six performances during the 2018-19 season: three family-oriented inspired by classic Disney stories and three community-driven raising awareness about causes worth celebrating.

A fundraiser costume party that will include company performances will also be held near Halloween.

Performances will be held at The Peace Center, the KROC Center, and The Wilkins House, and each highlights a unique part of the Upstate.

“Peter Pan: The Ballet”
Gunter Theatre
Sept. 28-29

“Peter Pan: The Ballet” is a retelling of Sir J. M. Barrie’s classic story about the boy who never grew up and the adventures that ensue. Directed by choreographer Laszlo Berdo and featuring a special guest, this show will appeal to both the young and young at heart.

Thrills & Chills: Halloween Costume Fundraiser
The Wilkins House
Oct. 27

The first Carolina Ballet fundraiser will be a high-end, costumes-required event, complete with an online auction, company performances, and a special flash-mob return of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

“The Nutcracker: Once Upon a Time in Greenville”
Peace Center
Nov. 23 and 25

Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet has been reimagined by artistic director Hernan Justo with a Disney-inspired theme coinciding with the release of Disney’s “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” on Nov. 2. Guest dancers to be announced.

“Black & Beautiful: A Tribute to African-American Dancers”
KROC Center
February 2019

Honoring Black History Month for February 2019, CBT will perform Hernan Justo’s original ballet, “Black & Beautiful: A Tribute to African-American Dancers.” Opening with “We the People,” the ballet becomes a ballad of America’s soul, featuring African-Americans who shaped the identity of the United States while forging their own.

“Cinderella: The Ballet”
Gunter Theatre
March 8-9, 2019

The Grimm fairy tale of how an abused girl rises above her circumstances to triumph over those who hurt her, “Cinderella: The Ballet” is a family-oriented story and a statement to society about the strength girls possess. This ballet is also choreographed by Justo.

“Celebrating Women: Honor Ballet”
Venue TBD
April 2019

As the dignity, voice, and agency of women everywhere are being widely recognized, cherished, and defended, this performance will commemorate the many causes for awareness during the month of April. Musical selections for this contemporary dance will include Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”

“Dance Fiesta!”
May 2019

Carolina Ballet Theatre will perform with the Jaramillos Latin Dance Company, showcasing the beauty of Latin culture through sound, color, rhythm, and passion. Honoring the Hispanic community’s heritage, Hernan Justo has created a performance that will recognize and highlight the full breadth of the vibrant Upstate community.

Tickets are available at carolinaballet.org.

Carolina Ballet Theatre Presents the Jungle Book Ballet

CBT reinvents the Jungle Book and partners with Delvin Choice

Carolina Ballet Theatre’s Spring Season begins with a unique, adaptation of the Jungle Book. This storybook ballet is based on the collection of short stories, written by Rudyard Kipling while drawing influence from many of the famed Jungle Book movies. However, the Jungle Book Ballet, much like many of the Carolina Ballet Theatre performances will contain a unique, Greenville twist.

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